Get well soon Mum.

Rather than the larger paddle I’d planned for training I just took a take a wee blast to West Kilbride to visit my mum. She’s just had her toes wired in hospital. I assume the operation went wrong because if I was the doctor I’d have wired her jaws shut 😉 Sorry Mum I know’ll you read this, I hope the feet are better soon x x.

It’s not long from Largs to WK, only about 8 miles, so I put it in enough to work up a sweat. I left Largs at 1330.

This tanker was being offloaded at Clydeport Hunterston. Love it or loathe it,  the size of the machinery involved is just impressive. A heavy metal mother alright.

Then I skipped over the Hunterston Sands at high tide, the best thing here is your probably about a quarter of a mile from shore and the water is not at all deep.

Next up there’s is the bubble, its the warm cooling water outflow from the power station. I’ve never in all my years paddling the Ayrshire coast wanted to get any closer to this thing, it is unearthly.

Finally I got to West Kilbride, the town I grew up in. It took me 1 hr 30 mins to cover the 8 miles south from Largs. I’m quite happy with this sort of pace now. I think if I can maintain a balance between short blasts like this and longer endurance paddles it should set me up nicely for the whole west coast in March.

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Bruce is a Kayak Coach and Fire Scientist. He has been passionately obsessed by kayaking since the age of 12.
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