Where is Bruce?

This page is no longer in use as the challenge has been completed.

Thank you for watching out for me :-)


Big thank you to Ed Wardle for the loan of his GPS tracker.

Full page version of the map can be found by clicking HERE

9 Responses to Where is Bruce?

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  2. alan wilson says:

    Good luck bruce. our thoughts will be with you.

  3. catriona a dignan says:

    good luck ,, we will be following you..

  4. Mike Devlin says:

    Hi Bruce. good luck with the challenge……………
    Long time since we were on the 4 star together with Gordon Brown….

  5. Mum says:

    Tracking thing is brilliant, following your every “footstep” How does it feel to have a world wide following. “Tis a far better thing you do than you have ever done before”

  6. Alan Hunter says:

    Best of luck with your adventure hope you have a blast.
    Ive bookmarked it and will follow your progress .
    no doubt Ill have to donate as well :)


  7. Robbie says:


    I was sent this blog by my dad who managed to spot you paddle past the house in Carradale, Kintyre. Looks like a fantastic trip, good luck with it. We’re all watching you on the GPS Tracker!


  8. Stewart Henderson says:

    You’re doing great well done. If you end up in Arisaig tonight ask for Directions to Bill Henderson’s house. He’s my uncle and I’m sure he’ll give you a bed for the night and he’s right by the beach for a start in the morning.

  9. Nick says:

    You’ve made it!! Congratulations. Will you be doing a lap of honour?

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