Messages of Support

Hey Bruce,
Was great meeting you yesterday and looking forward to following your progress. It’s awesome to meet people who invest so much of their personal time and resources into such a selfless venture.
Wishing you all the best.
Cheers, Micha

Michael Werle – Motorcycle Enthusiast

I understand what Bruce has on his mind. He wants to understand and honour the good things of life by living fully. Along the way it is good to re-direct the intensity of our personal ambition to other worthy charitable causes.

It takes a certain audacity to take a step forward and away from your comfort zone. One cannot develop and grow by living in comfort. We all have to learn to see with his eyes and dare to dream and live.

In the depths of your arduous adventure, Bruce, when you feel loneliness, monotony, isolation and maybe sometimes despair, I wish you great happiness and success!
Focus, reach deep within yourself and God Speed.

Ripley DavenportDesert Explorer

Hi Bruce,

This looks like a great challenge, good luck with your training in the up and coming months and glad to see the snow of the past week hasn’t put you off.
Ed McKeever – World and European Sprint Kayak Champion

Of all the mad dog challenges out there, this one ticks several boxes. The far north of  Scotland, out in the Atlantic as the last storms of winter tear the surface from the sea, in a boat smaller than my bath tub. But as Shackleton said, Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.’ I dont know any one else that could do it but I know you will. Good on you Bruce and strength to those elbows.

Ed Wardle – Film Maker and Adventurer

Hi Brother,

Your wee trip has certainly gathered wheels and is rolling along quite the thing. Well Done!. Keep pushing. If it is possible then I do believe that you are the one to make it happen, so reach forward. Important. Reach with open hands. One thing not to forget though Bruce………… Your a truck driver.

Calum McNicolDirector of Adventure, Arran Adventure Company

6 Responses to Messages of Support

  1. Nice to have met you and having a blether, as you say it is good to meet and talk with people.

    Will keep up to date with you.

  2. Tony El Tigre says:

    More power to your paddle amigo. Take care.

  3. Euan says:

    Bruce, I just remembered that this is not the first epic journey that you have undertaken for charity. Remember in Primary school you pushed a shopping trolley from West Kilbride to the Little Chef in aid of comic relief? Good luck buddy.

  4. Mum Jolliffe says:

    All the support messages are brilliant, but I always knew you would be adventurous. I was always having to grab you from the top of the couch, the windowsill, or go out looking for you when you vanished. And that was when you were only three!

  5. Le Grand Fromage says:

    Dear Mum Jolliffe
    Some things never change. He often vanishes from his work in London and I have to go and look for him and now he is 30 something.

  6. Dave Rob says:

    Will and I enjoyed the few beers in the Flod last night. Have a safe trip

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