Temperature Control

Some days just don’t start the way you want them to. It was freezing outside and I found that the leaky fabric feet in my old trousers was going to be exposed by the new found leak in my wellies. No fear though, we only have solutions here at the West Coast Kayak Challenge HQ!

Two old polybags recycled as boot liners.

On the water it was flat calm. The first concern I have about this winter training malarkey is layering. It’s so hard to second guess. As soon as I was paddling I was slightly too warm, but I adjusted that by removing my hat and paddle mitts (pogies to the initiated). It really was a stunning day.

Blue sky, white mountains and a lone avian.

I managed from Largs across to Millport (on Cumbrae) in about 40 mins. A few miles away behind the moors people can’t drive for the amounts of snow deposited this last week.

I stopped just past Millport to conduct my mobile IT test (previous post) which was a great success, I have confidence that I can update on the go during the trip now.

The training paddle all in was about 10 miles and took just over a couple of hours. It was neither the biggest nor the fastest paddle I’ve ever done but my aim for this project is not speed but endurance. So more paddles, not necessarily faster ones.

View Cumbrae Training Paddle 07 Dec 2010 in a larger map

It seemed like a good idea to pop into the national centre on Cumbrae for a cup of tea before having a gentle warm down, but in hindsight that wasn’t the best idea at all. Stopping in the warmth and returning to the cold left me feeling too chilly for a proper warm down paddle. It was more of a warm up paddle.

This may well be the understatement of the year, but this winter is definitely shaping up to be a memorable one. Albeit bleedin blinkin bertie baltic.

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Bruce is a Kayak Coach and Fire Scientist. He has been passionately obsessed by kayaking since the age of 12.
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  1. Dermot says:

    Fair play – will have to make it over to the donation arm of the expedition IT now as well!

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